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New Stuff!! Cool hawks n birds flying and lounging about the hills and trees of Sonoma Co. click on pic




I'm going to try to make this page a dynamic page, sort of hodge podge of stuff that I come across or just want to put up. I guess this is sort of how social sites started but I do not like the facebook where people put sooooo much crap up without thinking. Well maybe they are and it just seem stupid to me, what do I know. I just don't like it so here we are. If you like something or have something to say just hit the email button. If you want me to put something up just send it. I'm not saying I'll necessarily put it up but maybe....







remember when monitors had black background and orange or green writing? yeah, getting close to like middle age, I know

ok, here's a recent pic of me, like a half hour ago. hmmmm, glasses make reflection, teeth look strange, have to fix that, be back....OK, now my left eye looks huge and black, think I need to take a break